News round up: Children failed by health system, says watchdog

Children being failed by health system, says head of watchdog

Children in Britain are being failed by a culture that gives them low priority, exposing them to poor healthcare, knife crime and sexually transmitted diseases, according to the outgoing head of the Healthcare Commission.

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Business will donate £500m less to charity, says survey

Fresh evidence of how the credit crunch is hitting charities emerged today with a new poll showing that business donations to good causes are expected to be cut by almost £500m this year as a result of the economic downturn.

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Binge drinking shame of Britain’s teenage girls

Two in three of the 1,600 under-18s who needed medical treatment after drinking binges last year were girls.

And the number of women of all ages needing treatment for alcohol poisoning has almost doubled to 14,000 a year since 2003, official figures obtained by the Liberal Democrats revealed.

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Right to privacy broken by a quarter of UK’s public databases, says report

A quarter of all the largest public-sector database projects, including the ID cards register, are fundamentally flawed and clearly breach European data protection and rights laws, according to a report published today.

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