News round up: Doncaster children’s services failings raised in 2005

Children’s services failings raised in 2005

Two reports warned of problems with a council’s child protection services years before serious failings were made public.

Ed Balls, the children’s secretary, sent in a new management team at Doncaster’s children’s services last month after a controversy centred on the deaths of seven children.
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Woman convicted of cruelty to boy she adopted

A single woman who was among the first in Britain to be allowed to adopt has been convicted of cruelty to the boy whom she took in as her son.

A court was told that the 43-year-old subjected the child, who came from a troubled background, to four years of physical abuse after her calls for help went unheeded
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Hundreds of paedophiles escape with a caution

One in three paedophiles who prey on children under 13 are let off with a caution, figures show.
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Dignitas boss: Suicide a ‘marvellous opportunity’

The founder of Swiss assisted suicide clinic Dignitas has defended his organisation. Ludwig Minelli, whose firm has helped more than 100 mostly terminally-ill Britons to die, said suicide presented a “marvellous opportunity” for people.
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Keira Knightley stars in ad campaign against domestic violence

Keira Knightley is shown suffering a shocking assault in a new TV and cinema ad campaign about domestic violence for the charity Women’s Aid.

Knightley, rarely seen on- or off-screen as anything other than polished and glamorous, is attacked by her partner in the disturbing two-minute commercial, made by Joe Wright, who directed the star in the films Atonement and Pride and Prejudice.
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