News round up: Brothers appear in court over Edlington ‘torture’

Brothers appear in court over Edlington ‘torture’

Two young brothers appeared in court yesterday charged with the attempted murder of two children. The boys, aged 10 and 11, whose faces could barely be seen through the glass screen behind which they sat in the adult dock, are said to have tried to kill two young friends on waste ground near a former South Yorkshire mining village.

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‘Sadistic’ child-killer given right to remain anonymous

A man convicted of the “sadistic” murder of three children 30 years ago has been granted the right to anonymity while he is being considered for release into the community.

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Bill Thomas on his mission to transform care homes

Bill Thomas, the charismatic head of a global organisation dedicated to transforming care homes, tells Mark Gould what set him on his mission to eliminate the loneliness, helplessness and boredom that so often blights later life
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Teachers threatened in their own homes by pupils, say union delegates

Teachers are being intimidated in their own homes by unruly pupils, a union has claimed.

One teacher returned from work to find the word “bitch” painted across her garden wall. Another found that his car had been scratched with a key. A third had 17 windows smashed at her home, while a fourth received a series of late-night obscene calls.
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Doctors urge drink price rises

Doctors and nurses who deal with the consequences of Britain’s drinking say the government’s public health campaigns are not working and want price hikes instead.

A survey by two royal colleges published today asked gastroenterologists, hepatologists, acute physicians and nurses for their opinion of government policy initiatives and national strategies on alcohol-related harm. Most – 84% – felt public health campaigns did not work and 81% thought people would drink less if the price went up.

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