News round up: Experts fly in to help tackle childcare crisis

Children in care: Experts fly in to help tackle crisis

The government is recruiting 60 highly-qualified social workers from Germany, Norway and the Netherlands to lead an experimental programme which could revolutionise the way children‘s residential care homes are run.

European professionals are being sought to run a £1.5m pilot project in 30 children’s homes across England, which will introduce the concept of “social pedagogy” – a practice centred on helping children develop and flourish, rather than just working to meet their immediate needs and ensure their safety.

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Chancellor to boost housing with £1bn plan

Alistair Darling will announce another £1bn package to support the housing market in his Budget on Wednesday, seeking to underpin prices, complete partially built building projects and support those struggling to pay mortgages.

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Children of broken Britain among least happy in Europe

Children in the UK are among the least wealthy and least happy in Europe, research suggests.

An analysis of lifestyle factors that contribute to their well-being puts British youngsters 24th out of 29 nations – below Estonia, Slovenia and Hungary.

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Asylum seekers are lured to the UK by its ‘enormous’ benefits, says Calais mayor in blistering attack on Britain

Britain’s ‘enormous’ state handouts to asylum seekers were furiously criticised yesterday – by the Mayor of Calais.

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