Book Review: Listening to Children by Alison McLeod, Jessica Kingsley Publishers

Listening to Children: A Practitioner’s Guide

Star rating: 4/5 

Alison McLeod, Jessica Kingsley Publishers

ISBN 9781843105497

The author starts with a fast-paced tour of human rights and child care legislation.

Later sections concentrate onaspects of communication, such as investigative interviewing and dealing with trauma.

It is perhaps students and newly qualified workers who will find this book most helpful because it provides a thorough overview ofchild development and listening skills. Beginners may also find the reflective exercises interspersed throughout the text a useful way of applying new knowledge; more experienced practitioners may find them somewhat patronising.

There may also be differing reactions to the cartoon-like “bubbles” inserted into the text containing statements made by young people. I thought these detracted from the otherwise clear format andwell-written text.

Ellen Rabinowicz is a senior lecturer in social work at the University of East London

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