Baby P trio to be sentenced at Old Bailey

The three people convicted of causing or allowing Baby Peter’s death will be sentenced at the Old Bailey today.

The 17-month-old toddler’s mother, his step-father and their, Jason Owen, face lengthy jail terms for the crime, while the step-father will also be sentenced for raping a two-year-old girl.

Baby Peter died in August 2007, after spending eight months on Haringey’s child protection register. The two-year-old girl, raped by Peter’s step-father, was also on the north London borough’s child protection register.

She became the youngest person to give evidence in a British court in the trial, which concluded this month. 

Timeline of Baby Peter case

November 2006 – Mother’s boyfriend, later found guilty of causing or allowing Baby P’s death, moves into her home but this is kept from police and social workers.
December 2006 – Mother arrested after bruises spotted on baby’s face and chest by a GP. She denies causing injury. He is admitted hospital, placed on the child protection register, then handed to a family friend.
January 2007 – Baby P returned to his family after five weeks.
April 2007 – Baby P admitted to hospital with bruises, two black eyes and swelling on the left side of his head. The mother claimed it was from a fall on to a marble fireplace caused by another child. The episode is not reported to police.
June 2007 –  Marks seen on Baby P’s face by social worker. She sends him to hospital where bruises and scratches are found.  The mother is re-arrested. Arrangements are made to pay family friend to live at the house for two weeks and then for a childminder to take the boy in the daytime.
July 30 2007 – Social worker misses injuries to the boy’s face and hands after he is deliberately smeared with chocolate to hide them.
August 1 2007 – Baby P is taken to a child development clinic. Doctor misses his broken back and ribs despite the child crying in pain.
August 2: 2007 – The mother is called to the social services office and told by police she would not be prosecuted following consideration by the Crown Prosecution Service.

August 3 2007 – The boy is found dead in his cot.

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