Book review: Kitezh: A community approach to raising children in Russia

    Kitezh: A community approach to raising children in Russia


    Book review by Andrew Mickel

    Dimitry Morozov, Eland

    ISBN 9781906011369

    Kitezh is a therapeutic community designed to get children out of Russia’s orphanages and instead into loving foster families. The story of the development of the village – built by author Dimitry Morozov – is incredible in itself. The book documents Morozov’s own discoveries about what is needed to raise children, especially when they are emotionally damaged. The children have been failed by their parents – many of whom have drunk themselves to death – and by the state.

    The village’s community approach is intended to foster strong relationships between the children and adults. The theory is that the intensive social focus can help the children develop beyond their previous experiences, and give them the tools to help each other. Such an approach is often put to the test in winning the trust of a child failed by their parents and the state. A recommended read for anyone working in parenting.

    Andrew Mickel is a writer for Community Care

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