News round up: Younger cocaine users at more risk

Younger cocaine users at more risk

A generation of drug users risk damaging their health by mixing cocaine with other substances in the belief that it allows them to drink alcohol and remain sober for longer, MPs were told today.

This changing pattern of cocaine –consumption among young adults was also fuelling an industry in “cutting” or adulterating the drug with painkillers and sugars, the MPs heard.
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Rape conviction lottery ‘worsening’

The postcode lottery faced by rape victims seeking justice has worsened despite huge government efforts, with women in some areas 11 times more likely to see assailants found guilty than in others, official figures show today.

Data obtained by the equality campaigning group, the Fawcett Society, reveals that in the worst area, Dorset, fewer than one in 60 women who went to police in 2007 saw an attacker convicted of rape.
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Nursery shut in child porn images inquiry

A nursery school was closed by police yesterday after a female worker was arrested on suspicion of distributing indecent images of children and a man was charged.

More than 60 children and their parents and carers were turned away from Little Ted’s nursery in Plymouth. They were handed letters informing them of the woman’s arrest and told that the centre would be closed while police continued their inquiries.
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NHS faces huge financial crisis, says report

The National Health Service faces the biggest financial challenge in its history as a result of the economic downturn, with a £15 billion funding shortfall likely in the next decade, according to a report published today.

The NHS Confederation, which represents 90 per cent of NHS organisations, said the next two years would be “tough but manageable” but beyond 2010-11 it would be “very different and extremely challenging”.
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Public services failing to deliver despite billions

Value for money provided by public services has sunk steadily over the past decade, an official report said yesterday.

It said that productivity levels have also slumped despite the spending of more and more taxpayers’ cash

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Middle-classes ‘don’t need winter fuel payment’

Middle-class pensioners should either be banned from claiming the winter fuel allowance or taxed on the payment, say MPs.
An all-party group says the benefit, which was £250 last year, should be removed from those it argues do not need it.
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