Scope: Public think disability prejudice is widespread

Research by disability charity Scope has revealed that over half of Britons think that most people view disabled people as inferior.

While 53% of the 2,049 people surveyed thought disabled people were viewed negatively they demonstrated a strong will for change with 83% saying they would complain if they witnessed unfair treatment of a disabled person.

Scope’s director of policy and campaigns, Ruth Scott, said social workers have a key role in tackling prejudice: “The way social workers and care workers treat disabled people – ie when they do so with respect and recognising their dignity and their independence – can exert a significant influence on how others treat disabled people.”

The results also showed over a third of respondents thought disabled people were seen as a drain on resources and over half felt they were often viewed as victims.

Scott said that while it was encouraging that disability inequality was acknowledged more education would be needed for people to recognise the specific barriers faced by disabled people.

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