News round up: Dignitas challenged over suicides

Dignitas challenged over suicides

Senior doctors will tomorow express concern over the number of Britons suffering from non fatal illnesses such as rheumatoid arthritis and kidney disease who have used the Swiss suicide service, Dignitas.

Their fears were raised after the Guardian obtained a list drawn up by Dignitas which reveals the medical conditions which have driven 114 Britons to end their lives at the clinic.

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Telemedicine house helps older people stay safe and independent

It sounds like a fantasy straight from The Truman Show: a house that monitors your every move, from bedside to bathroom and from medicine cabinet to fridge. The aim, however, is to help the elderly to lead safe and independent lives.

Researchers are working on a “health house” so sophisticated that it will not only track everyday habits but also check weight and blood pressure and predict whether a person is at risk of a serious fall.

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Alan Johnson admits government has ‘coasted’ on anti-social behaviour

Alan Johnson, the new Home Secretary, has admitted the Government has been “coasting” in its efforts to tackle yobs and anti-social behaviour.
In his first policy comments since taking over the role in the cabinet reshuffle, he said Labour had “rested on its laurels” on the issue and needed a “new drive”

Mr Johnson said the blight of bad behaviour was something the Government needed to tackle and said concern about jobs going to migrants in the economic downturn was fuelling support for the British National Party (BNP).

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