Thank God for Social Workers: 10,000 request badges

Take a Break magazine has received ten thousand requests for ‘Thank God for Social Workers’ badges in the week since it launched its campaign in support of the profession.

The real-life magazine, which has backed Community Care’s call to Stand Up Now for Social Work, initially had 500 badges to give away but has had far more requests than expected.

Editor John Dale said: “I’ve never seen a response like this. We are getting hundreds of requests an hour as all the pent-up frustration is released. 

“In the first three days we have re-ordered twice and at the moment the demand is still growing and we are ordering again. This is a campaign which obviously needs doing. It’s time for social workers to stop being Aunt Sallys and for their stories to be told accurately and fairly.”

The magazine, which ran a feature on the value of social work last week, including the experiences of Community Care readers, is looking for more social workers to tell their stories of successful practice. 

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