News round up: Pay freeze for public sector workers signalled

Alistair Darling signals pay freeze for public sector workers

A tight squeeze on the pay of 6 million public sector workers, and a further public sector efficiency drive this summer, was signalled today by Alistair Darling as he warned he was determined to tackle ballooning public sector debt.

The chancellor’s remarks indicate the government may be willing to take the controversial step of reopening multi-year deals with teachers and health workers.
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Lone parents to be offered better pay incentives to work

Unemployed lone parents are to be offered increased pay incentives to work in a move which softens some of the most controversial measures in the welfare reform bill. It is one of a number of measures being taken by the work and pensions secretary, Yvette Cooper, that subtly change the emphasis pursued by her predecessor, James Purnell. She insists her changes are designed to protect the family.

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How two strong coffees a day can ‘reverse’ Alzheimer’s

Drinking two strong cups of coffee a day could keep Alzheimer’s disease at bay  –  and may even reverse some of its symptoms, a study suggests.
Researchers have uncovered evidence that caffeine not only helps to stave off dementia, but can also treat it.
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