Book review: Developing advanced skills in practice teaching by Anne Smith et al

Developing Advanced Skills in Practice Teaching


Anne Smith et al, Palgrave

ISBN 9780230205581

This book is suitable for anyone involved in the education and assessment of students at an advanced level in a practice setting. The clearly defined objectives stated at the beginning of each chapter make it easy for the reader to dip in and out, sifting the relevant required information.

Given the current climate of practice education and its relation to professionalism, this book addresses the importance of “getting it right” and serves to raise awareness of the gravitas and responsibility of practice educators to provide a well-informed and practise-ready workforce for the future.

The activities within the book reinforce the messages in each chapter. This is particularly highlighted by the chapter on “principles of assessment in practice”.

It requests the practice educator to look at basics such as how they measure a student’s performance and how objective this is in terms of assessment.

All things considered, this book will provide the practice educator with a set of questions to ask themselves, something often overlooked in the busy humdrum of life.

Alison Ellis is a project manager for workforce development agency Humberhub

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