Book review: The child placement handbook: research, policy and practice, by Schofield and Simmonds

The Child Placement Handbook: Research, policy and practice

Schofield & Simmonds, BAAF

ISBN 9781905664467

This book is definitely one for the office library. It covers a range of placement issues, including why children come into care and what is needed to meet their needs in placement. Such broad detail makes it vital for those new to children’s services, while the attention to current policy and research findings makes it equally relevant to the experienced practitioner.

Although each chapter reflects the style of the writer, most are written in an accessible manner rather than being overly academic. This works well in keeping with the handbook approach – something the busy practitioner will appreciate, while the student will probably wish for a more comprehensive index.

Many chapters can stand alone, although with plenty of suggested further reading and references there is scope for further study. Other chapters, such as David Howe’s chapter on abuse, neglect and attachment, make it clear that this is only an introduction to the subject.

At 480 pages, this book can seem daunting. But the content is solid, well structured and the chapters make a good fit with what you actually need to know.

Helen Musto is an independent social worker

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