News round up: Disabled worker wins dismissal case

Disabled worker wins dismissal case

A student who accused Abercrombie & Fitch of “hiding” her in a stockroom at its London store because her prosthetic arm didn’t fit with the firm’s “look policy” today won her case for wrongful dismissal against the US retail giant.

Riam Dean, a 22-year-old law student who was paid £6.50 an hour by A&F, was removed from the shop floor at the firm’s Savile Row branch when management became aware of her disability, the employment tribunal heard.

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More than a fifth of Britons may be unknowingly contributing to child trafficking, a survey published today reveals.

People who buy pirate DVDs and roses from street vendors, smoke home-grown cannabis, give money to child beggars and use prostitutes may be supporting what the United Nations has described as “a modern day slave trade”, says research published by ECPAT, the international campaign against the sexual exploitation of children.

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Most children will be forced to wait for swine flu vaccine

More than 13 million people in Britain, including pregnant women and people with diabetes, heart disease or asthma, will be among the first to receive swine flu vaccine as part of a national immunisation campaign this autumn.

Frontline NHS and social care workers, those in contact with people with weakened immune systems and many pensioners will also be offered the vaccine in a rolling programme from October, the Department of Health said.

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