Book review: Asperger syndrome and anxiety by Nick Dubin

Asperger Syndrome and Anxiety: a guide to successful stress management

Nick Dubin, Jessica Kingsley Publishers ISBN 978184310 8955

Review by Jenny Ravenhill

This book delivers on its promises. It was written to affirm that anxiety is not a unique response for people with Asperger syndrome but does contribute to their feelings that the world is a fairly terrifying place. It is not about attempting to live a stress-free life but encourages people with Asperger syndrome to face their anxieties head on.

Nick Dubin was diagnosed fairly late at 27 years old, but has developed a remarkable understanding of his own differences and how to accept and accommodate them. Unlike many books written by people with autism spectrum disorders this is not a personal account, but draws on the experiences of many people whom Nick has helped manage their anxiety.

Chapter headings are clear and helpful, covering everything from relationships to employment, and each ends with useful action points gathered from the text. It has one of the most succinct outlines of cognitive behavioural therapy that I have read. Throughout the book, short case studies are used to illustrate points and there are many solutions and strategies to manage anxiety offered from people’s experiences.

Nick Dubin is an excellent writer who wears his learning lightly. I highly recommend this book for all those touched by Asperger syndrome.

Jenny Ravenhill is the principal psychologist for the National Autistic Society

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