Assessment in Social Work by Judith Milner and Patrick O’Byrne

    Assessment in Social Work

    Judith Milner & Patrick O’Byrne

    Palgrave Macmillan

    ISBN 9780230218628

    The third edition of this book is an essential text for social workers, students, practice assessors and those engaged in the post-qualification process, writes Amanda Taylor.

    It has come at a time when legislative frameworks, government guidance and specific childcare inquires, are again, driving and defining significant changes in the practice approach.

    It acknowledges the complexity of the assessment process, urging practitioners to remain committed to the professional value base and to gaining an understanding of the context to individuals’ lives.

    It enables the reader to contextualise the theoretical underpinnings of social work practice, with the “thinking points” and “learning exercises” providing invaluable reflective tools for aiding the overall learning process.

    As workers, students and educators I suggest that the content of this text will develop your knowledge and extend your ability.

    Amanda Taylor senior social work lecturer, University of Central Lancashire

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