News round-up: Skunk risk of psychosis; Marriage policy clash

Skunk users face greater risk of psychosis, researchers warn

Skunk, the powerful form of cannabis dominating the street drug market, is seven times more likely to cause psychosis than ordinary cannabis, scientists say.

Dr Marta Di Forti and Prof Robin Murray, who are among the authors of today’s paper published in the British Journal of Psychiatry, say skunk is now the same price as ordinary cannabis on the streets of south London, where the study was carried out, and is now the one that is easiest for young people to obtain.

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Cash-strapped council lavishes £100,000 on ‘bin police’ to make sure people recycle correctly

A cash-strapped council that recently made 30 staff redundant has spent almost £100,000 employing two ‘bin police’ to make sure residents are recycling.

The so-called ‘waste advisors’ will visit households to check that all recyclable material is going in the right bins.

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Sacked for fighting…the expert in handling aggressive children

A primary school teacher who specialises in helping aggressive children has been sacked for punching a female colleague in the face.

Phillipa Heath-Philpotts was involved in a late-night street brawl with fellow teachers after a high-spirited work party.

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Tories and Labour clash over marriage policy

David Cameron accused Labour of “pathological” opposition to supporting marriage as he pledged a Tory government would reward every wedded couple through the tax system.

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Cardiff: Care budgets hit by a rise in referrals

Cardiff council’s social services chief has warned “difficult” decisions will have to be taken as it battles a massive £2.2m predicted overspend.

Councillor John Dixon said growing demand from the elderly for care at home and the impact of the Baby P case on children’s services had hit the authority’s social services budgets.

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