News round up: grandparents’ rights, unemployment, smacking

Unemployment could hit 2.5m today

The number of people out of work in the UK could hit 2.5 million when the latest unemployment figures are released this morning.

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Balls orders urgent inquiry into smacking of children

The children’s secretary, Ed Balls, has ordered an urgent inquiry into whether Sunday school teachers and private tutors should be allowed to smack their pupils.

A loophole in the law means that while teachers in state and private schools are banned from smacking children, their counterparts in faith schools are not.

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Almost half of young black people are jobless, says study

Almost half of black young people are unemployed after a big rise in the group’s jobless rate since the recession began, a study showed today.

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Grandparents get easier route to see children in family splits

A legal obstacle is to be abolished to make it easier for hundreds of thousands of grandparents to gain access to their grandchildren when contact is denied after divorce and family breakdowns, the government will announce tomorrow.

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Families face years of pain, says Bank

Families must steel themselves for years of hardship even though the recession is all but over, the governor of the Bank of England has warned.

They will see their standard of living fall over the next two years as salary freezes and rising inflation eat into incomes, Mervyn King said.

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