BASW urges transparency on GSCC’s interim bans

BASW has urged the General Social Care Council to explain more fully the reasons for issuing interim suspension orders against practitioners on the basis of unproven allegations.

The call from the British Association of Social Workers follows a successful appeal against an ISO by Evan Philip Morkel-Clemens, of West Berkshire Council.

BASW also said the GSCC must ensure the system becomes more transparent and practitioner-focused.

The GSCC is conducting a review of its current rules following recommendations by the Council for Healthcare Regulatory Excellence in a report last November.

A GSCC spokesperson said it had started a review of its investigations and hearings functions “with a clear focus on risks to public protection and public confidence in the integrity of social work provision, balanced with the need for fairness” to social workers. It will consult on this later this year.

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