C4EO and the ADCS act to protect preventive services from cuts

Children’s services are being asked to provide examples of evidence-backed preventative projects to protect them from local government cuts. 

The Association of Directors of Children’s Services (ADCS) and the Centre for Excellence and Outcomes (C4EO) have made the call for evidence to help directors build a case for continued funding.

Kim Bromley-Derry, president of the ADCS, said the results would be valuable to directors as a strong evidence base would reassure councils with tight budgets that investment in preventative practice was sound.

“Many of us have seen the benefits in our own authorities, but there is a need for a robust, validated and nationally applicable evidence base that directors can use to make the case for early intervention and prevention,” he said.

“It is difficult for authorities facing short term budget pressures and planning for reducing budgets over the next few years to take a chance on unproven initiatives, but we hope that the publication of a strong evidence base will help to promote the advantages of investing in these services.”

The joint call for evidence will support the work of the National Family Intervention Strategy Group, established at the end of last year by secretary of state for children, schools and families Ed Balls and chaired by Bromley-Derry.

The group has been developed to examine the case for the development of intensive family intervention services, supporting families with complex problems.

The evidence will also be used by the Department for Children, Schools and Families in an upcoming consultation on effective models of early intervention and prevention.

To submit your evidence please visit the C4EO website .

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