Indicators for social work vacancy rates to be introduced

National indicators for vacancy and turnover rates in children’s services will be introduced to improve the regulation and supply of social work, the government announced today.

In Building a Safe and Confident Future: implementing the recommendations of the Social Work Task Force, the government pledged that “improvements will be made to the data available about social worker supply and demand in children’s and adult services”.

The Social Work Reform Board will now work to:

  • build a model for demand that draws on feedback from the employer health check exercise and employers’ reports of demand.
  • build a system to understand supply and demand and test these assumptions. Consult with the sector on how to make this accessible for use at local and regional level.
  • improve the data available to refine the model and improve usefulness.

The government has said that it expects all employers of social workers to conduct a health check on workloads during 2010-11.

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