Schools to receive £430 for looked-after children

Schools will receive £430 for every looked-after child and deprived pupil they have under the government’s pupil premium scheme, children’s minister Michael Gove announced yesterday.

In 2011-12, the premium will be allocated to those pupils eligible for free school meals and looked-after children. The government said it aims to extend this funding from 2012-13 to those who have previously been on free school meals.

“We have recognised that looked-after children face additional barriers to reaching their potential and so these pupils too will receive a premium of £430,” said Gove. “The premium for looked-after children will rise in subsequent years, in line with the premium for deprived pupils.”

Schools will receive the one sum of £430 for every looked-after child – the amount will not be doubled if a looked-after child is also classed as deprived.

In 2011-12, the pupil premium will amount to £625m, rising until it reaches £2.5bn in 2014-15.

Last week, the prime minister announced the pupil premium would also apply to the children of armed services personnel, because these young people face “unique challenges and stresses”.

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