Munro extends deadline for social worker questions

Eileen Munro has extended the deadline for frontline workers wishing to contribute their views to her review of children’s social services.

Practitioners have until 24 January to answer her questions to the frontline, giving them a week more than the previous deadline of the 17th.

Fears around Munro’s limited time to consider the answers have also been assuaged, as workers’ answers are to be considered for her final report in April 2011, not the upcoming instalment due out at the end of this month.

With regard to the questions, which Munro created in association with Community Care in the first instalment of a “virtual conversation” with frontline workers, Munro said: “As part of my research, I would like to put some specific questions to a larger group of professionals. I hope some of you will answer them and I look forward to hearing your views. Please feel free to respond to all of the questions or just those you are most interested in.”

The questions are one of the many methods Munro is using to gain views from the frontline. She has been meeting with various groups of practitioners and issued a call for evidence in July 2010. Munro’s safeguarding review panel was also selected with a view to attaining comprehensive coverage of the frontline.

To answer any of the above questions email Professor Munro and write “Munro Review Questions” in the subject header. Make sure you include the number/s of the question you are answering and indicate your role or your interest in the review. You can also join the discussion amongst frontline workers on the CareSpace forum or email Judy Cooper, children’s channel editor at Community Care.

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