Narey left Munro panel in September 2010

Martin Narey has stepped down from Professor Eileen Munro’s safeguarding review panel it has been revealed.

Narey left his position as chief executive of Barnardo’s this month and decided to step down from the Munro panel to focus on the hand-over, a Barnardo’s spokesperson said. He left Munro’s panel in September 2010, just after the completion of the review’s first instalment.

Narey said: “I was delighted to take a full part in the Munro review throughout August and early September when my diary was light and I was able to pay a number of field visits to local authorities, but the pressures of winding up my work here and handing over to a new CEO meant I could not find the necessary time to continue.

“I agreed with Eileen and Tim Loughton, the children’s minister, that I would step down in September although other staff in Barnardo’s have continued to support Eileen’s work”

In November, Munro filled Narey’s place on the panel with Doctor Sheila Shribman, the National Clinical Director for Children, Young People and Maternity Services.

The second instalment of Munro’s review is due out at the end of this month. She is currently consulting frontline social workers, through Community Care, on a number of questions to inform her third report, due at the end of April, around paperwork and accountability. Social workers can either submit answers directly via emailing the Munro Review or through Community Care’s CareSpace debate or Community Care’s paperwork survey.

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