Social workers could be sacked over brothers torture case

Up to 10 staff members, including social care practitioners, who worked with the two brothers jailed for torturing two younger children near Edlington could lose their jobs, Doncaster Council has confirmed.

The staff are subject to an independent investigation into the handling of the case. Local newspaper reports said that the independent investigator had identified up to 10 individuals who should face action over their dealings with the family of the pair.

“A thorough investigation looking at the conduct of a large number of staff involved in this case over a 10-year period is ongoing,” said Chris Pratt, Doncaster Council’s director of the children and young people’s service.

“Due to the large number of staff involved the investigation is a major exercise. It will take some time and is being undertaken by an officer who is completely independent of the local authority.”

Last year the brothers were jailed for a minimum of five years and sent to a secure children’s home.

The two young brothers who beat, tortured and abused two younger children near Edlington, South Yorkshire, were refused permission to appeal against their indeterminate sentences in May 2010.

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