Register of restorative justice experts is launched

The Restorative Justice Council (RJC) has launched the UK's first register of restorative justice experts.

The Restorative Justice Council (RJC) has launched the UK’s first register of restorative justice experts.

The council hopes the online register will provide quality assurance for families of the expertise of restorative justice and conflict resolution professionals.

Among those on the register, which has been funded by the Ministry of Justice, are social workers and residential care workers.

RJC director Lizzie Nelson said: “The launch of the practitioner register marks a significant step towards restorative practice giving staff in the social care sector a better way of working with conflict, with young people and within families.

“It will give young people and families engaging in a restorative process confidence that the people working with them are providing a high quality, evidence-based approach.”

She added that restorative justice, which involves the perpetrators of a crime meeting their victim to understand how they have been affected, is particularly effective in solving disputes between young people in care homes.

Those on the register have signed up to the council’s code of conduct. Most will have a recognised RJC accredited qualification but there is provision for experts without formal qualifications to join by providing evidence of their restorative justice work.

Restorative justice in children’s homes

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