Children’s social worker made sexual comments to mothers

A children and families social worker who made inappropriate sexual comments to two mothers has been struck off.

A children and families social worker who made inappropriate sexual comments to two mothers has been struck off.

David Anindo hugged and kissed one of the women during a home visit and told her she was “gorgeous” and had “beautiful long hair”, the Scottish Social Services Council (SSSC) was told.

He also made inappropriate comments at an office interview.

The SSSC’s conduct sub-committee found this had distressed the woman and detracted from Anindo’s role as her son’s social worker.

In relation to the second woman, Anindo said he would have asked her out had he not been the family’s social worker and had asked whether she had adult toys under her bed.

The conduct sub-committee concluded that Anindo’s pattern of inappropriate behaviour towards vulnerable service users was “exploitative”.

It also noted that Anindo had tried to apportion blame on one of the service users.

“His lack of insight and questionable honesty gives rise to concerns that, if unchecked, there is no safeguard that his behaviour would not be repeated and that service users would not be exposed to risk,” the sub-committee concluded.

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● Social worker’s partner became a service user

A social worker who failed to tell her employer that her partner had been referred to the criminal justice team in which she worked has been struck off.

Tracy Muir started a relationship in October 2009 with PB, who cannot be named for legal reasons.

A month later, PB was referred to her team after being convicted of an assault and became a service user – but Muir, who worked in Dumfries, did not disclose the potential conflict of interest for five weeks. During this time, she accessed his files without authorisation.

The SSSC conduct sub-committee found this was an “abuse of position and trust”.

It noted her previous good character and history, but it also took into account evidence from Muir’s line manager, who told the committee Muir’s practice had deteriorated from about 2005 and was noticeably worse in the months preceding PB’s involvement with the criminal justice team. Muir was dismissed in March 2010.

“There were no references or evidence of corrective steps taken to address the misconduct and minimise the risk of repetition,” the sub-committee said, adding that Muir’s apparent lack of insight was of particular concern. It decided removal from the register was a proportionate response.

Read the full notice of decision

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