Supporting and Understanding Individuals who are Suicidal or Self-Harming

Location: South Yorkshire Venue: Sheffield Cathedral. Dr Andrew Reeves Date: 2nd December 2011. 10am-4pm

Location: South Yorkshire
Venue: Sheffield Cathedral. Dr Andrew Reeves
Date: 2nd December 2011. 10am-4pm


Working with suicidal & self harming individuals can be profoundly stressful, even for the most experienced practitioner. How to work within organisational expectations, managing confidentiality, and responding appropriately to another’s suicidal thoughts and self harming all demand thoughtful and ethical practice.

The workshop will explore communication and the language of suicide and self harm and draws on contemporary research. It is informed by psychotherapeutic principles rooted in the importance of establishing and maintaining safe and supportive relationships with others. It involves formal presentation, as well as large and small group discussion. Case study materials will be provided developed from practice, to bridge learning from the session back into working contexts.

Who is the Seminar for?

This workshop is open to any professional from within hospital/healthcare, social services, social enterprise, educational environment, legal or business, foster care associations, or any other agency whose work involves supporting people around suicide potential and self-harm.

Topics covered will include:

• Understanding suicide
• Definitions of self-harm
• Personal perspectives and the importance of understanding ‘self’ in relation to suicide and self-harm
• Ethics and the law (consent, capacity etc)
• Skills development
• Assessing risk
• Working effectively with suicide potential and self-harm
• Ways of ensuring ethical and professional practice
• Self-care

About the facilitator

Dr Andrew Reeves is a counsellor, trainer and supervisor at the University of Liverpool Counselling Service. He is also Editor of Counselling and Psychotherapy Research and has written several articles on suicide and self harm. He is co-editor (with Windy Dryden) of Key Issues for Counselling in Action: Second Edition (Sage, 2008), and author of Counselling Suicidal Clients (Sage, 2010). He is a regular contributor to Therapy Today, as well as a contributor to the new counselling information site, It’s Good to Talk (

Course Fee: £95 + VAT including lunch refreshments & a certificate of attendance. For more information or to book a place on this course, please contact Rosie Fermin on or 01302 347850

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