College seeks social workers’ opinions on which tasks only qualified staff should do

The College of Social Work has taken the first step towards setting out a list of activities only qualified social workers should be allowed to do.

The College of Social Work (TCSW) has today launched a consultation on which roles and tasks only qualified social workers should be allowed to do, in a bid to ensure employers value and make good use of their unique set of skills.

TCSW is giving its members and the wider social care sector until 28 June to comment on its proposed list of reserved tasks, which sets out in detail the situations in which a qualified social worker should be used.
“Most professions have clear definitions of the roles and tasks that only they should do,” said Jo Cleary, chair of TCSW. “In the current economic climate it is even more important to be clear about the contribution that social work at its best can make to improving outcomes for some of the most vulnerable people, children and families in our communities. 

“Public sector budget cuts are putting huge pressure on social work posts and we need to make sure that social workers are being employed to do the work that only they can do proficiently.”

TCSW is also assembling more evidence and case studies for its business case for protecting adult social work, which defends and promotes the various roles of social workers in adult social care. In an interview last week, Lyn Romeo, recently appointed chief social worker for adults in England, gave this project her full support.

Download the reserved tasks consultation document

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