Social worker who lied on his private counselling website is struck off

James Kilgour continued to claim he was a member of the British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy, but his membership had been withdrawn after it emerged that he had formed an inappropriate relationship with a client.

A social worker who formed a sexual relationship with a vulnerable women he had previously provided with counselling has been struck off the register in Scotland.

James Kilgour also continued to state on a website he had created for his counselling service that he was a member of the British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy (BACP), months after BACP withdrew his membership in September 2011.

Kilgour was a social worker at Falkirk council in 2010 when he began counselling in his spare time. His inappropriate relationship with the woman commenced later that year.

Upon learning about the relationship, BACP withdrew Kilgour’s membership on the basis of impaired fitness to practise.

By stating on his website that he was a member, Kilgour had failed to be honest and trustworthy, the Scottish Social Services Council’s (SSSC) conduct sub-committee found.

He had also failed to use his position of power responsibly and had exploited a service user.

Although it was an isolated incident and Kilgour had co-operated with the conduct process, his actions were “deliberate and pre-meditated and fell well below the standard to be expected”, the committee found.

He also failed to show any insight or remorse in relation to his actions, instead seeking to justify his behaviour.

Although the misconduct technically did not occur at work, his counselling services were closely linked with his position as a social worker, the committee added.

Kilgour is retired and living abroad, but will no longer be able to practise as a social worker should he choose to return to Scotland.

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