12 inspiring images of social care that will brighten your day

The winners of our 2014 inspiring images of social care photo competition will feature in a free charity calendar...

The winning images from Community Care's 2014 social care photography competition

Caritas-to-useThe winners of the second annual ‘Inspiring images of social care competition’ run by Community Care and sponsors Caritas recruitment have been decided.

The judging panel – made up of social care leaders from across the sector – praised the quality of the entries but voted the photo below, of Agnes and James from the Joseph Rowntree Foundation’s dementia working group, the overall winner.

The winning pic will will feature alongside the other 11 pictures below in a 2015 charity which will be sent to thousands of social care professionals. Thanks to everyone who submitted pictures and to our judges.

‘A diagnosis of dementia is not the end, but the beginning of a new life’

ben young 1

Pic credit: Jo Hanley photography

The winning picture, submitted by the Joseph Rowntree Foundation, features Agnes Houston, chair of the JRF’s Scottish dementia working group, and James, another working group member. The Joseph Rowntree Foundation has chosen to make the £500 charity donation prize to Alzheimer’s Scotland.

Agnes, who has dementia, said: “I have decided I will speak out about dementia, not hide it away. I believe I have a duty to let the public know that a diagnosis of dementia is not the end, but the beginning of a new life”.

‘The sheer look of fun shows social work beyond the paperwork’

natasha andrews

This photo was submitted by social worker Natasha Andrews. Natasha said: “The photo shows a quick glimpse at our xmas party for children and families that have been part of our recently formed ‘Opening the Umbrella’ Project. This project was founded by me as a social work student whilst on placement at the Whitstable Umbrella Centre. The sheer look of fun and happiness on these children’s faces goes beyond paperwork.”

‘Being on a bike for the first time was the most amazing experience’

Alex chislett

Alex Chislett, from the Queen Elizabeth’s Foundation for Disabled People, says: “The photo shows one of our clients being able to be on a bicycle for the first time! She lives in a residential centre for about 40 young people with physical and learning disabilities. This was the most amazing experience for Phoebe.”

‘We are never too old to learn new skills’

PEN120613C5028 (1)

This photo was submitted by Claire Bendall from Waltham Forest’s adult social care team. Claire says:

“You are never too old to learn new skills, regardless if you are a service user or a care assistant.”

‘The lines of carer/cared for have disappeared’

ian callen 1

This photo was submitted by Ian Callen of supported holiday organisation Go Provence – the winner of last year’s inspiring images competition. “When I look at this image I see tenderness above all, on both sides. The lines of carer/cared for, have disappeared,” Ian says.

‘The look of enjoyment really made my day’


“The look of enjoyment of this man who is living with dementia really made my day,” says Claire Bendall from Waltham Forest’s adult social care team.

‘Nothing can beat the speed of carriage driving’

rosemary flexney

This photo was submitted by Robbie Nisbet from Sports Driving Unlimited. Robbie says: “This photograph is of Josh who is 21 and has cerebral palsy. Josh started carriage driving 6 years ago. He has ridden ponies since he was a child but says he only experiences the speed that he loves when he is carriage driving.”

‘Residential care – a positive option to bring back a smile’

Vicki Lawson

“Residential care – a positive option to bring a back a smile,” says Vicki Lawson, who submitted this picture.

‘Bring me sunshine’

Pete Cross (1)

“Bring me sunshine. I think the photo shows how a small moment in a person’s day can make all the difference,” says Pete Cross from Autism Care UK.

‘The highlight of the year for our young disabled riders’

steve axon3

“The Diamond Centre Christmas show is the highlight of the year for my class of young disabled riders. For me as their riding instructor, the happiness on their faces after successfully completing their musical riding display is the best Christmas present for me.” says Lyn Axon from The Diamond Centre for Disabled Riders.

‘Looking after the house fish’


“William gets great pleasure from looking after the house fish and enjoys watching them swim around,” says Karen Priddle from Centra Support.

nicole cook 1

“Resident Dotty is having a great time at a makeover morning with the other residents. Dotty was delighted with this wig and wore it all morning, exclaiming ‘I always wanted my hair to be this colour!’, says Nicole Cook from The Abbeyfield Kent Society.

What the judges said

“It was a privilege to be asked to take part in the photo competition for inspiring images of social care. There were so many inspiring photos that capture the difference social care makes to the lives of adults and children”Barbara Peacock, Director for Children and Adults, Medway Council.

“Great Photos – all telling a story about the unique work of social care. I was inspired!”Sherry Malik, Sherry Malik Consulting.

“I voted the picture of the elderly lady at the computer  as my overall favourite as I think it shows a fabulous coming together of generations, culture and technology in a fun session that bridges the years”Richard Baldwin, Divisional Director, Children and Young People’s Specialist Service, Bath and NE Somerset Council.

“The black and white picture of the brothers on their supported holiday is such a lovely image and really encapsulates the spirit of social care”Debbie Smith, CEO, Caritas Recruitment.

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