Are your caseloads getting more complex? Have your say in Community Care and Unison’s social worker caseloads survey

Tell us about your caseloads in our anonymous survey to measure the state of social worker caseloads

wpid-unison-best-top-slot-use-me.gifCommunity Care has launched its regular caseloads survey in conjunction with Unison to help build a national picture of social worker workloads.

When Community Care last ran the survey in 2012, it found that half of social workers knew of a colleague who had quit because of high caseloads and that nearly 60% of social workers had seen their caseloads rise in the past 12 months. Just over a third also revealed that their caseload had become more complex in the previous 12 months.

Now we want to find out if these and other trends in social worker caseloads are continuing.

We want to hear about your caseload, how it has changed in the past year and how it affects you and your work.

Answers to the survey, which takes about five minutes, will be treated anonymously. The results will be reported on the Community Care website.

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