First social worker on The Apprentice is fired

Steven Ugoalah, who described himself as the best social worker in the world, fails to impress Lord Alan Sugar

steven ugoalah
The best social worker in the world? Photo: BBC

The first social worker to appear on reality TV show The Apprentice has been fired.

Steven Ugoalah, who was competing for £250,000 business partnership with Lord Alan Sugar to set up a care home for disabled people, left after an unprecedented triple firing on the show.

His departure has led to internet mourning for one of the most entertaining characters on the show so far- although whether he has helped improve the public image of social workers is up for debate.

He was particularly known for saying he was “the best” and “absolutely excellent” at everything.

His theatrical approaches to sales pitching were highlights of the show- trying to sell potatoes to a chef he held one up to the sunlight and said: “Look at it shining in the glistening sun. This isn’t just a potato, it’s an experience.”

Karren Brady, one of Lord Sugar’s sidekicks in the show, said: “People ignore him because it’s actually far easier to ignore Steven then to spend so long listening to him get to the point.”

During his desperate attempt to avoid being fired Lord Sugar cut Ugoalah off saying: “Here you are shouting and screaming your bloody head off and you would have me believe you could run a nice quiet, sedate care home. I hope I don’t bloody end up in one of them.”

In the after show “Your Fired” Ugoalah said there were lots of areas where business and social care were similar around providing a service, but he admitted he was very different when he was a social worker with service users.

“I never say I’m excellent.”

Ugoalah said he felt his “passion” had been misunderstood on the show.

On Twitter some people started up a campaign #BringbackSteven, while The Telegraph said Lord Sugar may have ruined the series as a result.

The Metro said: “Steven had a lot more to give entertainment-wise, and to have seen him project manage a task would have been worth my annual TV licence fee alone. Alas, Lord Sugar has robbed us of this TV gem.”

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