Are you emotionally exhausted or exhilarated every day? Take part in our burnout study

Last chance to take part in Community Care's study of burnout amongst social workers in the UK. The survey takes around 10 minutes to complete

As part of our Stand Up For Social Work Campaign, Community Care is carrying out what we hope will be the largest investigation of social worker burnout in the UK. Paula McFadden of Queen’s University, Belfast, has helped us design the survey and will analyse the results. McFadden has already undertaken studies of burnout amongst child protection social workers in Northern Ireland.

We are using the Maslach Burnout Inventory, a globally recognised, scientific measure of burnout across the caring professions. It will be analysed against key demographic information such as caseloads and levels of supervision.

Please read the participant information before you access and answer the questions, in order to give your consent to taking part in the study.

Once you have read the information, you can access the survey here. It takes around 10 minutes to complete.

You can find help and information on burnout and improving your emotional resilience in our free downloadable guide written by experts.

The intention is that the results will help educate ministers, MPs, employers and senior managers on the extent of burnout amongst the profession and the dangers this presents for service users. Participation is entirely voluntary. However, in order to gain accurate results we would urge all social workers to take part, even if you do not feel you are suffering the effects of burnout. All information from the survey is completely confidential and answers cannot be linked back to you.

Stand Up For Social Work and help us create the largest scientific study of social worker burnout. Only with hard evidence can we hope to change the working lives of social workers.


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