Grassroots social work group moves forward on plans for new college

The College of Social Work's professional assembly and faculty leads have come out in support of the new Social Workers Assembly

A grassroots group of social workers, supported by prominent members of The College of Social Work, is pressing ahead with plans to form a new college.

The group came together on social media under the banner of “TCSW Phoenix” in the wake of the closure of the college, but has now formed what it is calling “the Social Workers Assembly”.

Out of the ashes

Elected members from within the college’s faculties and professional assembly have thrown their weight behind the fledgling group, stating their aim of “co-creating an entity that can rise out of the ashes of the current college”.

Chairs of  the children’s, adults’ and mental health faculties, Brigid Featherstone, Gerry Nosowska and Ruth Allen, are among many other College leaders, who said they have committed to meet, both virtually and in person, to coordinate the discussion across the membership on what happens next.

Centre for excellence

In a statement they said: “We remain committed to the vision of creating a centre for excellence, the voice of social work that was always intended.”

“We will communicate with, represent and involve the membership in channelling the wider debates that we hope will continue in places like the Facebook TCSW Phoenix page and the Social Workers Assembly webpage.”

The professional assembly said in a statement it will meet in two weeks to discuss next steps. In  the meantime they have said they will seek clarity about their options and make plans with people across the sector as to how they can build a new professional organisation.

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