Animals and social care: send us your pictures

Because it's Christmas we think it's time to celebrate and share the furry therapy that only animals can give

We know Christmas can be a stressful time for those in social care. People’s needs seem to increase just at the same time as most people take their holidays. Not to mention all that frantic last minute gift and turkey shopping you have to do for your own family.

So we thought we would try and provide some warm and fuzzy (furry even) feelings to help you through and there’s no better way of doing that then with lots of pictures of cute animals.

Send us a photo of your pet

Over the next week we’ll be featuring lots of stories about animals in social care – a nursing home with a petting farm in the garden, top tips for assessing a dog in a placement, and some of the strangest (and cutest) animals making a difference in social care.

But why not share the furry, finned, feathered delight yourselves. Send us a photo of your chosen animal and tell us how they make a contribution to social care – do they make you a better social worker or carer? Would they make a good social worker? Have they helped a service user? If social work was an animal which animal would it be?

Send us your pics via Twitter @CommunityCare, on Facebook, or via email or and the winner will get a great big fat box of festive chocolates.

Our Instagram account will feature all the photos from our stories and those that have been sent to us so if you want a dose of ‘awww’ therapy that’s like a great big doggy kiss on the lips then follow at Community_Care

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