Social work hero: ‘She understands’

Landy Mainwood Smith's great relationships with children and foster carers have been key to resolving difficult situations

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Landy Mainwood Smith, a social worker in East Sussex County Council’s looked-after children team, is this week’s social work hero.

She was nominated by *Rose, one of the foster carers she works with, who says: “Landy is an amazing social worker. She has a great relationship with the children and I have a great working relationship with her. As a foster carer, to have a good working relationship with a child’s social worker makes my job so much easier.”

Difficult case

Rose also highlights Landy’s help during a particularly difficult case when three siblings were fostered with her.

The older child made an allegation against Rose’s youngest son. He had made a similar allegation two years before but Landy’s relationship with one of the other fostered siblings meant they felt able to say that, in fact, nothing had happened.

“Landy then supported all of us so we could move forward. With her help the child that made the allegation was able to stay in the family and he blossomed.

“Unfortunately, recently he made another allegation and this one had to be investigated by the police.

We knew Landy would be there for the youngest of the fostered siblings who had also been drawn into the allegation.

“Because of the rapport Landy had with the youngest child he was able to talk to her, even though it meant going against his older brother. When the investigation was complete Landy worked hard to support the two siblings who still live with us, especially the younger boy.


“She is helping him come to terms with the outcome and the guilt he feels and the fact his brother no longer lives with us. She has also supported us. She understands that we still miss the older sibling.”

Well done Landy. You’re a #swhero! A box of chocolates is in the post.

*Not her real name

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