Social work hero: ‘What he did changed this young lady’s life for the better’

Ron Dobson, a social worker who supports adults with brain injuries, is this week’s social work hero

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Ron Dobson, a social worker who supports adults with brain injuries, is this week’s social work hero.

Ron started off as a home care worker before “the local authority realised what a special person he was and put him through his social work training”, according to Tina Kempster, one of Ron’s colleagues.

“He is unfailingly generous, kind, approachable, funny. [He’s] totally loyal to his family, clients, his colleagues and anyone else who is lucky enough to have him in their life,” says Kempster.

A particular case that stands out was when Ron supported a 19-year-old girl who was involved in a car accident while attending university.

“That changed her life and left her with a brain injury that left her with some memory issues, and led to a prolonged recovery. Ron was part of every single step.”


She had returned home from the hospital and “found life very difficult to come to terms with”.

“Ron, being a skilled, empathetic and perceptive worker, recognised that life for all involved was getting very difficult and what he did meant this young lady’s life changed for the better.”

Ron Dobson

Ron Dobson

He arranged for the university to accept her back, provide her with a flat and low-level support for her to live on the campus and enjoy student life, says Kempster.

“What happened to her could have so easily been a terrible tragedy that she and her family may have never recovered from. Ron’s tireless and innovative support gave his client and her family back a life that was as filled with promise as it had been before the accident.”

Ron, you are a social work hero and a box of chocolates is on its way to you!

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