Child in care: ‘He lights the room when it’s dark and lonely’

A 10-year-old child in care writes about what makes him happy

This piece was the winner in the primary school category at the Coram Voice ‘Voices 2016′ competition. Each person taking part was asked to write about what, or who, makes them happy. It was written by a 10-year-old child in care.

This is my poem about my friend. I miss him because he goes to a different school now.

If my friend was a car,
He’d be a sparkling golden Lamborghini Aventador,
As bright and shiny as a diamond in the sky,
Candy gold,
Perfect in every way.

If my friend was a drink,
He’d be a nice hot chocolate,
Served with tasty, gorgeous marshmallows,
Perfectly made with a smiley face,
Ready to drink with pride.

If my friend was an animal,
He’d be a golden Labrador retriever,
Retrieving sticks from afar,
Being loyal all day long,
Playing with all his toys every day.

If my friend was a light,
He’d be the brightest, like the sun,
Lighting the room when it’s dark and lonely,
Placing an arm around that comforts you,
Making a spark in my heart.

If my friend was a flower, he’d be a bright red poppy,
Standing tall in your back garden
Resembling the soldiers,
Remembering the war.

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