The best thing about being a social worker

Social workers share what keeps them going in the job

When you see a child who once was so sad and scared finally smile
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I asked the followers of my Facebook page to tell me the best thing about being a social worker. Here are some of their answers (the initials of posters are at the end of each quote):

– When someone says ‘thank you, you don’t know how much you’ve helped me’ when you feel like you’ve had your hands tied due to resources and time constraints. It makes you remember that you are a resource too and those times you’ve listened when there was nothing else you could do, actually made a difference – AM

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Photo: BillionPhotos.Com/Fotolia (words added by Community Care)

-Those privileged times when you are present during the most significant and emotional and devastating and jubilant and tender moments in families lives. I have a number of these memories that will stay with me forever that I draw on when I question why I do my job. These are moments when I KNOW that I really made a difference – RE

Just being there to support our vulnerable children, their families and carers. ….everyone needs help and support sometimes – PL

-The ability to help people and effect real change. It’s the best feeling/job in the world – FZ

– Witnessing and enabling families to achieve positive and sustainable change. Reflecting with the family on what changes they have achieved and knowing you may be stepping down or closing a case that was once, maybe, on the brink of care proceedings. Also seeing the day in and day out dedication of my colleagues and manager, going above and beyond to support children and keep them safe – RJ

Supporting a person who’s lived in their home 56 years to remain there

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– The success stories, they can be few and far between but you keep going. I still think about my first and it helps me keep the faith, in myself, the job and more importantly in the children whose lives I hope to help improve – SH

Discharging someone from a service because they no longer need it and are living a better quality of life – SWJ

– Meeting different families and the challenges we face each day as professionals I still love helping others – RR

Knowing you really make a difference in someone’s life every day

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– When you’re moving jobs and a child says they will move home so you’re still their social worker – ME

– When a family say you’ve changed their perspective on social workers and they WANT to work with you because they can see the positive changes they are making – KM

– The best thing about being a social worker is that ongoing understanding that we are all human. That life throws up challenges, that some family members don’t talk, that people find things difficult, that we all process things in a number of ways that give us our most resilient qualities and strengths to the things we see as our weaknesses and biggest challenges. That all social work is support, we have the answers within us and it’s about supporting people to build on their strengths. We don’t have all the answers, they do – LH

When you see a child who once was so sad and scared finally smile

Photo: blantiag/Fotolia (posed by model) (words added by Community Care)

– Instilling a sense of hope for the future – LB

– Knowing you’ve helped someone to stay at home with their loved ones and be safe – TB

– Having access to resources our clients need. Having the power and authority to support people to make changes in their lives – NQ

– Having a sense of humour! – SC

When someone says, I can see you’re working really hard, thank you

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