Can local authorities fulfil their statutory duties in an age of austerity?

Our panel at Community Care Live Birmingham 2016 will discuss what these pressures mean for the future of social services?

The panel for this session will feature Peter Hay, strategic director for people, Birmingham City Council, Dave Hill, president, Association of Directors of Children’s Services and executive director for people commissioning, Essex County Council, Martin Samuels, director of adults and wellbeing, Herefordshire Council and Yogi Amin, partner and national head of public law, Irwin Mitchell LLP.

Martin Samuels provides further details on what the discussion will focus on.

Councils are facing dramatic reductions in funding alongside significant increases in demand for adult social care services. It would be understandable in this period for them to focus on delivering their core statutory duties and relegate everything else to the ‘nice to have but no longer possible’ category. Such a focus, centred on limiting access to care and holding down unit costs, may be logical, but it also seems guaranteed to simply postpone the day when the current system can no longer cope. More radical thinking is required.

Why is this topic is so important?
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Without a broader focus and seeing adult social care as part of a wider system, the goals sought for our local populations will shortly no longer be attainable.

What is your favourite thing about working in social care?

At its heart, adult social care is about helping people lead a long, healthy and fulfilling life rather than just the narrow task of fixing a specific problem.

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