Shaping the landscape of social care

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In Lincolnshire, we believe children, young people, and families deserve outstanding social care.

Our high aspirations mean we’re at the forefront of innovation and, while we’ve made great strides, we want to achieve more – much more.

It’s an approach to practice built on fresh thinking and creativity, and we need talented social workers to help bring it to life.

Read on to discover why Lincolnshire County Council should be the next step in your social work career.

A place to make a difference

Our aim is to guarantee families have access to the highest possible level of quality social care possible, not only in Lincolnshire, but across the United Kingdom.

It’s a sizable challenge. But, for the right individuals, it’s an opportunity to directly tackle key issues in care, gain unparalleled experience and shape the landscape of social care.

There’s never been a more inspiring time to be part of our team. We’re enrolled in the Partners in Practice programme – a government-funded partnership where we work with other local authorities to redefine care across the UK, addressing everything from culture to logistics, policy to practice.

As a Partner in Practice, the government believes we can enact positive change in the UK – and they’ve given us the resources and support we need to start getting to work.

Alongside Partners in Practice, we’re also involved in an exciting innovation project with Professor Eileen Munro, implementing the Signs of Safety framework across all our service areas. Signs of Safety is an assessment and planning structure that helps our professional make workplace decisions with confidence – as well as playing a vital role in helping families understand the work we do.

A place for career development

Lincolnshire Council social work job

If you’re a social worker with drive, ambition and determination, you can positively shape the direction of your career here, and make a real difference to the lives of children, young people and their families.

We’re passionate about ensuring our social workers have access to the specialist training and support they need to develop into outstanding professionals.

Our teaching partnership with Sheffield University means we can offer our social workers incredible opportunities for continuous professional development via the university. From court work to supervision, and even the chance to work towards postgraduate qualifications, it’s an unbeatable chance to gain both experience and education and open up your career to a world of possibilities.

We’re looking for vibrant and creative individuals who, above all else, want to improve the lives of every child they work with as best they can.

For ASYE or newly qualified social workers, this is a chance to translate university education into real experience, and gain valuable further training at the same time. You’ll be part of a well-resourced and carefully structured programme, with real opportunity for future career progression – including the chance to be part of our Firstline programme for aspiring managers.

And, if you’re an experienced social worker, we’ll invest in all the specialist training and development you need to do a fantastic job and accelerate your career.

A place to call home

The rolling Lincolnshire Wolds. Lincoln City’s energetic charm. The fens, marshes and beautiful white limestone cliffs. Lincolnshire is a county brimming with natural beauty, proud people and history. And – with a generous relocation package offered to all new employees – it’s a county you could soon be calling home.

If you have the ambition to be part of something special, and are interested in real opportunities to develop your career, this is your opportunity to bring new ideas and meaningful innovation to the table in Lincolnshire and transform the lives of children here – and across the United Kingdom, too.

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