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Be part of the adult social care revolution

A feature sponsored by Doncaster Council

Are you an exceptional adult social care professional? Whatever your specialism, you could be helping to revolutionise adult social care in Doncaster.

What you could be part of

‘Your Life, Your Way’ is a brand new approach to adult services – one that puts people at its very heart.

Across our services, we’re offering people more control over their care and helping them retain their independence. We’ve created the strategy, secured the investment and gained the commitment and support of our leaders at the highest levels.

Now, it’s time to grow the team that will deliver the change.

As part of that team, you can expect genuine freedom to innovate, with all the support you need to get things done. You will also benefit from being part of a fully joined-up service with close links to local hospitals.

What we are looking for

The people of Doncaster deserve a special kind of person. We are looking for planners, movers and life-improvers. Transformers, reformers and beyond-the-normers.

We want self-starting, big-hearted social care professionals who want to shape the future of adult care.

Roles include:

Heads of service, from adult social care to commissioning

Operational roles, including social workers, occupational therapists and strategic leads focused on carers and the community

Programme management roles, from programme and project managers to support officers and a senior business analyst

Be part of the revolution

You could soon be enjoying a more rewarding career in a town that’s going places. With more than £1 billion invested in it since the millennium, Doncaster offers outstanding culture, sport, retail and transport.

It’s not just a great place to work – it’s a great place to live. Discover more and apply to join the revolution