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Shift your career up a gear: Be a social work leader in Norfolk

Matt Dunkley, interim director of children's services, Norfolk County Council

A feature sponsored by Norfolk County Council

By Matt Dunkley, interim executive director of children’s services, Norfolk County Council

For the past two years, Norfolk County Council has been moving at pace to improve services for children and young people.

We’ve reviewed how we’re organised. We’ve strengthened our leadership and management structure. And we’ve embedded the Signs of Safety approach throughout children’s services and its partner agencies.

Now, we are ready to recruit the senior social workers who will enable us to accelerate the improvements already recognised by Ofsted and the Department for Education.

You will be joining an authority committed to strengths-based social work and fuelled by a drive to make life better for Norfolk’s children and young people.

Investing in social work leaders

You will also be joining an authority committed to investing in social work managers and leaders — an authority where all of our managers will receive systemic supervision training certified by the Institute of Family Therapy.

We are also about to transform our service for the better by moving social workers into smaller teams so that every team manager can fully understand their caseloads and associated risks.

So if you think that leadership is for you and you want to join a council that is ready to help you become the best leader you can be, then why not find out about Norfolk’s offer?

To find out more please visit Norfolk’s job listings.