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The voice of children and young people being supported by children’s services in York

A sponsored feature by City of York Council

City of York is currently seeking children’s social workers. See our latest opportunities.

City of York Council recognises that children and young people know what difference our social workers make.

As such we couldn’t think of anyone better than the young people we work with to explain why, as one of our social workers, you could make a lasting difference to children’s lives each and every day.

Here’s what they told us*:

“Steph was amazing because she did such a good job; she really knew everything about me and went out of her way to help me,” said 17-year-old Tiffany.

Nineteen-year-old Alex, meanwhile, told us how our social workers helped make his review meetings less intimidating.

“Review meetings were extremely stressful for me when I was younger,” he said. “I found that everyone was very supportive during these meetings and that’s something I appreciate.”

Michelle, 18, added: “I’ve been so lucky, my carers and workers have always been there for me. I wouldn’t be who I am today if it wasn’t for them.”

Valued, safe and supported

At City of York we want to ensure that all children and young people receive an excellent child-centred service whether they are in care or living at home.

We believe that an effective and supportive relationship developed with children and young people is the fundamental basis on which to practice.

And that’s where, we hope, you come in.

By joining us you will be joining a council that is both proud of, and committed to, supporting its social workers. A council where, as Ofsted inspectors recently reported, social workers feel “valued, safe and supported”.

A council where you will be enabled to make a lasting difference to children’s lives each and every day.

So come join us and create your own positive messages from our children and young people.

*The young people’s names have been changed