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    Lincolnshire County Council

    Bringing more ‘zen’ to the workplace

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    The council outlines how it helps staff to get the balance right

    Flexible working can mean a lot of different things to different people. Lincolnshire has a comprehensive set of policies aimed at supporting an employee’s work-life balance.

    Lincolnshire aims to support agile and homeworking as and when it suits employees’ needs.

    Here are the initiatives supported by Lincolnshire County Council:

    • Job sharing

    Where two employees agree to split the responsibilities of one job.

    • Flexible working hours

    Working flexible hours while still fulfilling your statutory quota and providing a satisfactory service is achievable. It is very much dependent on the service area supported and capacity within the teams. Flexible working arrangements are assessed on a case by case basis, whether that is someone wanting to work compressed hours, a nine-day fortnight or have more flexibility around start and finish time.

    • Flexible working patterns

    This includes approaches such as annualised hours, term-time only working and compressed working weeks/fortnights.

    • Reduced hours

    The council will consider requests to reduce an employee’s work hours on a temporary basis with their pay adjusted accordingly and taking an extended unpaid leave of absence.