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Using strategy to deliver results

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Six key principles for workforce development

Hampshire County Council’s children’s services has introduced new staff, technology and ways of working, in the last few years. These developments are supporting the continued delivery of high-level service and positive outcomes for the families they work with.

Rated Outstanding by Ofsted, the council has expanded its teams and is encouraging staff to work in new and collaborative ways to provide Hampshire’s children with the best possible chances.

This includes the introduction of specialist workers and intensive workers who work collaboratively to deliver evidence-based interventions to targeted families. Hampshire operates on a model of six key principles to ensure all staff can access the training and development they require:


  1. Workforce development is one of the top priorities of the department
  2. Hampshire has a personal responsibility for its own learning
  3. Managers make the development of staff – one of their highest priorities
  4. Workforce development is about learning and not just training
  5. Hampshire promotes time for learning not just time off for courses
  6. The aim of learning is to improve practice and performance