Michael Brain – lead practitioner

I started my career in adult social care in a central London borough council.  I lived and worked in London for many years and while this was a great experience with a growing family, we began to outgrow our tiny flat and wanted to make a move that matched mine and my family’s ambition and drive.

Michael Ⓒ Lincolnshire County Council

I was initially apprehensive about uprooting, but since moving to Lincolnshire I have never looked back, I have been able to thrive both personally and professionally.  My standard of living has improved due to the relative cost of living, while my family has the comfort, space and opportunities they deserve in a county that can offer a great deal.

After spending many years as a senior practitioner in a community team in London, I progressed to the role of lead practitioner with Lincolnshire County Council within the adult social care hospital team based in Peterborough City Hospital.  I currently lead a team of adult social care staff, including social workers and community care officers, helping Lincolnshire patients to be discharged from hospital with the correct care plan in place for their recovery.

I love the fast pace nature of this work and the ability to work in an integrated environment.  This role has given me the opportunity to work with three different hospital trusts simultaneously (due to the locations of the different sites I work in) as well as the versatile and array of professionals within each hospital site.  Each day presents fresh challenges and the potential to work creatively to reconcile the differences work approaches in organisations that can ensure the best outcome for our customers.

I am happy to say that my team is incredibly hardworking, compassionate, and dedicated to the work and have a great team work culture.

With regards to Lincolnshire County Council as an organisation, I am proud to be part of a supportive and progressive network of practitioners and professionals.  I am looking forward to continuing carving out my future here in Lincolnshire.

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