Elysia Tairu – level 2 social worker

I first joined the Lincolnshire County Council – adult social care hospital team at Pilgrim Hospital in 2017 as a newly qualified social worker.

I successfully completed my assessed and supported year in employment (ASYE) – with the help and support of the team. They helped me with my initial learning needs while I adapted to working in an acute hospital setting. I had previously completed a placement within a community hospital in Birmingham. The council’s ASYE programme is well run and gave me invaluable training opportunities to prepare me for my career ahead.

For the first two years in my role, I was a key worker for one of the elderly wards. I had been able to work with a diverse range of individuals with different levels of complex needs. I attended daily ward meetings with doctors, nurses, physiotherapists, occupational therapists and discharge co-ordinators, to discuss plans for each ward patient. The multi-disciplinary team approach to working within the hospital team helps to ensure clear plans and outcomes are in place.

Building a rapport

I have taken part in countless discharge planning meetings where holistic care plans have been put together following discussions with the individual, carers, family and professionals. Advocating for individuals remains an integral part of our role. We discuss and negotiate services that we assess to ensure that an individual would benefit from post-discharge support. Building rapport with the people we work with has been one of my favourite aspects of the job. Another bonus is knowing that during these uncertain times, we are able to give adults hope and reassurance that they will be supported once they are discharged.

I have also had a range of cases where safeguarding concerns are raised and reviewed. We often work closely with the safeguarding team to ensure agreed discharge plans are put in place. This ensures individuals are protected from the risk of harm or/and abuse.

With continued support, mentoring and guidance from my supervisor and management team, I have been able to progress my career. In September 2020, I became a level 2 social worker within the team. I supervise three colleagues and support team members on case discussions.  I oversee team HUB meetings to ensure plans are clear and updates are provided for individuals who are classed as medically fit for discharge.

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